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Jessi “The gift that Yoo Jae Suk bought, I always carry with me… Without it, I get anxious” (Video)

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Singer Jessie revealed the gift she received from Yoo Jae-suk.


On the 9th, on the YouTube channel ‘1stLook’, a video of looking inside Jessie’s bag was uploaded.

In the released video, Jessie revealed the things in her bag that she usually carries. Jessie said, “In the past, I liked large bags, but I brought a medium-sized bag. Originally, it was full, but there aren’t many today.”


Jessie took out a mirror phone case and perfume. She also showed the card wallet and explained, “I liked things that were big, but everything got smaller. The wallet has also gotten smaller. It needs to be used cleanly, but there are a lot of scratches.”




Not only this. Jessie took out a hairpin and said, “Jaesuk oppa bought it for me. I had a piece attached to it while filming ‘Sixth Sense’, so my hair was long. I tied my hair with a rubber band and bought it while saying ‘You guys will buy it’. It’s so good. Jaesuk oppa bought it for me It seems meaningful. When this disappears, I get anxious.”


Finally, Jessie pulled out a lip liner and said, “I drew an overline, so my lips tripled. I thought I got a lot of lip filler, but the last time was 3-4 years ago. When I remove the makeup, it’s a normal size. I use the lip liner to increase the volume.” She clarified the plastic surgery allegations.


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