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Honey J clears up dating rumors with Jay Park

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Main topics: 

-Park Jae-beom’s ideal type is… “Honey J, when the dating rumors were mentioned, she responded like this, causing laughter.


-Honey J said “The first time we met was because of B-boy friends of the same age” and “When we meet, we just say hello and we’re not close”


-Dancer Honey J opened up about his friendship with Jay Park.


Honey J appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Kia – Kya TV’ on the 29th and revealed honest stories from the first time he met Jay Park to the dating rumors (?).


When comedian Hong Hyun-hee, who was in charge of the host, asked why Honey J and Jay Park were ‘fathers’, Honey J said, “I’ve known (Jae-beom Park) for a long time. The first time we met was because of B-boy friends of the same age.” When we met, we only greeted each other and we weren’t close, but as we started working (dancer) in earnest, we became close.”


Fans pointed out that Honey J and Park Jae-beom’s ‘clear work’ was a common feature. Both want to go home as soon as possible after work. In this regard, Honey J also admitted the fact, “Anyway, I want to leave work on time early.”


She also mentioned the dating rumors with Jay Park.


When Hong Hyeon-hee wondered, “There are likely to be dating rumors with Park Jae-beom…” Honey J replied, “Park Jae-beom’s ideal type is IU, and my ideal type is a tall man. So the rumors about dating rumors disappeared.” At this, the performers nodded their heads or burst into laughter as if they knew.


Honey J added, “Jaebum and I are friends, and we have a business relationship.”

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Jay Park since his debut to this day, Jay Park never confirmed his relationship with anyone to the public. It’s not that Jay Park is single the whole time


 On the talk show “Taxi” in April of 2013, Park made it clear that he was not really open about his love life.


He mentioned, “No. I usually don’t talk about my love life. However, I am willing to talk about my first love.”


As well has revealed his love for his previous sweetheart:


” I dated this woman for about a year and a half in Korea. At the time, I didn’t have any pals because I simply got here from U.S, so I ended up being consumed with her. I liked her greater than she liked me. I made use of calling her and also text her daily. If she really did not reply, I most likely to her residence. I never forgot to obtain her favored gelato as well as food.”


Of course Jay Park has dated many girls in speed dating. Via iHeartRadio’s official YouTube channel, Jay Park has just gotten the opportunity to spend time with his fans, even though it’s only a minute some lucky fans.


Jay Park is an American-Korean who is famously known as a singer and the founder of AOMG and his new global label H1GHR Music. has been described as the “scene stalwart” of Korean R&B and has been credited as one of the main figures responsible for the increased commercial acceptance and mainstream popularization of K-hip hop in South Korea.


Meanwhile, Honey J is a South Korean internationally-acclaimed hip-hop dancer, choreographer, leader of the hip-hop dance crew Holy Bang, and former member of the Korean all-girl dance troupe Purplow.



Check out the whole episode and tell us what you think about it !!


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