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“I am full of your existence” Ku Hye-sun’s love letter in the middle of the night

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Actress Ku Hye-sun confessed her desperate heart to her classmate at Sungkyunkwan University.


Ku Hye-sun posted her long post on her Instagram on the night of the 7th, saying, “I will be having a heartbreaking night ahead of tomorrow’s final exam… A love letter to my fellow students.”



In the photo she posted together, there is a desk full of books and prints. It is a place where you can feel the passion for education.


She said, “My friends from the MZ generation who are attending Sungkyunkwan University with me. These nasty debaters. But my students who are strangely warm…! They gladly divide their busy schedules and do homework with me, walk around campus, eat and drink and get drunk. My dear friends who listened to my chatter (wandering around the world and heading to space)…!” She started the story.


She confessed, “It’s truly an honor to meet you, who are living in the same era, but from different generations, and to be able to create new things and study together...”



She continued, “I’m already filled with your existence. I’m grateful that I discovered other possibilities within me. Finally, she added, “I’ll share a poem the professor showed me in class…! And I wish you all the best in the new semester. If you’re lucky, we’ll share sushi again at the restaurant we frequent in front of school!”



Goo Hye-sun is making her return as a film director after four years with her recent film ‘Dark Yellow’. In addition to her main job of acting, she is active in various fields such as film directing, composing, writing, and painting, revealing her beauty in all directions.


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