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BLACKPINK suffered from malicious comments, YG decided to attack

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After Son Heung-min dating rumors with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo were dismissed YG finally made a decision

YG Entertainment, to which the groups Blackpink, Akmu, Winner, and iKON belong, will take legal action against malicious comments.

On the 14th, YG Entertainment stated, “As our artists are loved by the public, we have refrained from taking legal action because we believe that certain slander is something we should tolerate. This is being done indiscriminately.”


YG Entertainment said, “Based on information provided by fans from the beginning of this year to recently, we inform you that we have selected and sued a large number of website posts that infringe on the rights and interests of our artists. Strong legal action will be taken to protect our artists in the future. will be taken,” YG said.


The online community Theku users who saw the announcement commented, “I’ll send everything I’ve saved up”, “BLACKPINK are having a hard time these days, but I’m cheering for you”.


Earlier, YG Entertainment’s ‘Blackpink’ suffered from malicious comments from netizens, due to dating rumors with Son Heung-min and photos of iPhones posted on social media after the contract with Samsung ended.

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