• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Yoo In-na surprise everyone with her warm heart


Actress Yoo In-na shared good news.


On the 7th, Inna Yoo donated 50 million won to the social welfare organization ‘Snail of Love’. This is not the first time Inna Yoo has donated to deaf children.


Since 2019, Inna Yoo has donated a total of 230 million won to support artificial cochlear surgery for deaf children. With the help of her , so far 20 children have heard the sound after the surgery, device support, etc. More children are expected to receive support in the future.


In addition, she is continuing to do good in various fields, such as donating the proceeds of pictorial for African children, providing meals for undernourished children through the Salvation Army charity pot, and delivering funds to victims of heavy rains and flood victims.



Inna Yoo is also consistently practicing good deeds, such as donating her voice to numerous documentary narrations and Naver audiobook campaigns.


Meanwhile, ‘Snail of Love’ is an organization that supports hearing-impaired children through artificial cochlear surgery and hearing aids to find sound, supports social adaptation of children who have heard of sound, and educates the public to improve awareness.


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