• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

‘Wearing a short skirt… ‘ The photos Clara posted on Instagram were all in admiration!

Clara’s Instagram Show off her voluminous body in a super mini skirt.

Actress Clara (Lee Seong-min)’s legs were among the top actresses.


On the night of the 9th, Clara posted several photos on her Instagram along with the words “#clarashanghai”.


In the published photo, Clara is wearing a black Mai and miniskirt at a cafe and holding a coffee cup.


On this day, he caught the eye by boasting a beauty with a small face and clear features. In particular, the transparent skin without any blemishes caught the eye. He also shot the hearts of male fans with his glamorous body and provocative cross-legging.



Netizens who saw the photo showed positive reactions, such as “Goddess. Your eyes are dazzling”, “Dizzy”, “Leg length is crazy”, “Really sexy”, and “Happy weekend”.





Meanwhile, Clara, who was born in 1985, married a Korean-American businessman two years older in 2019, and is currently active in China.




She recently drew attention by uploading a shocking underwater photo taken in a swimsuit on social media.


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