• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Kim Jong-Kook’s body admired by netizens


On the 6th, the online community Theku posted an article titled ‘Kim Jong-Kook  is slimmer than I thought’ . The article contains a video of Kim Jong Kook dancing in a black shirt and pants.




Netizens who saw Kim Jong Kook’s body commented, “He’s sexy”, “Are all those muscles in that body”, “Really slim”, and “The proportions are really good”.


Previously, Greg Dussett, a health YouTuber with 1.26 million subscribers, claimed on the 31st of last month that Kim Jong-kook used drugs to build a muscular body through a video titled ‘Whether Kim Jong-kook used drugs or not’.


On the 6th, Kim Jong-Kook said, “As a novice YouTuber, I couldn’t pass it up. If necessary, I plan to take all the tests that exist in the world. I just completed one today. “He said adamantly.


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