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‘Looks like Cha Eun-woo’ YouTuber No Jambot, criticized for ‘lack of content’

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YouTuber No Jambot, criticized for ‘lack of content’


He recently revealed that he is preparing for the exam again. YouTuber No Jambot (Cho Chan-hee, 25) challenges the exam again. But this time, it’s not a minor exam (police civil service exam), it’s the CSAT.


In June, Nojambot posted a Q&A video commemorating its 4th anniversary on their personal YouTube channel ‘Nojambot’ and had time to answer questions from viewers.




On this day, Nojambot replied, “I’m currently studying for the SAT. As I started late, I want to prepare properly, so I’m doing it slowly from the basics. I’m also studying YouTube, so I’ve taken a lot of rest, but I plan to do it steadily.”


In fact, Nojambot has been studying for 10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday every week since the declaration of the SAT challenge, and it is broadcast live on YouTube almost every day.



In response to this news, one Internet community user said, “Even though the number of views has dropped a lot, there are many ways to live comfortably, which is great”, “If you don’t study, you’re just a good-looking person, and there’s no particular character, so it seems like you’re doing it again”, “Your face It’s a manor salary system,” etc. and responded.


In the early days of YouTube activities, Nojambot became popular as a content that studied for hours without a word. At the time, he was called ‘Cha Eun-woo’s look-a-like’ and became a hot topic for his handsome appearance and diligent study, but after failing the police officer exam, he turned to a YouTuber and continued his activities. However, due to the lack of content and lack of activity, the number of YouTube views continued to drop, causing a crisis.


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