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Junsu Kim returned to the ‘Xia Junsu’ of 14 years ago dancing “Mirotic” once again

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Junsu Kim

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu drew attention by reenacting his days as a group TVXQ.


Junsu Kim posted a video on his Instagram on the 28th along with the sentence “#order #mirotic It’s been a long time”.


The released video contains Kim Junsu dancing to TVXQ’s ‘Mirotic released in 2008. Although it is a song from 14 years ago, the sense of time and dance skills without an inch of error are admiring. In particular, Junsu Kim, who shows off his three-piece suit, catches the eye with his more mature atmosphere and beauty.


My best friend, musical actor Son Ho-jun, who saw this, commented, “Do you want, fall for, go crazy, and make you a slave? You’re more of a person than Merlin (played by Ho-jun Son in ‘Excalibur’)? left a smile.




Netizens also commented, “Oppa, this is a foul. Let’s talk about this case”, “Junsu, is this a human life”, “It’s the same as when I was in my 20s”, “Kim Junsu’s order. It’s really crazy”, “Ah, I’m a little nervous Yes,” and so on.


Kim Junsu made his debut as a 5-member group TVXQ under SM Entertainment in 2003.


He left his agency SM in 2009 and is currently active as a solo singer and musical actor.


He recently left C-JeS Entertainment, where he had worked for over 10 years, to establish a one-man agency, Palm Tree Island.


Doesn’t make you feel a little bit nostalgic? ㅠㅠ


Meanwhile let’s reminiscing the past with the original “Mirotic” from TVXQ!


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