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Junho won the Grand Prize at the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’

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-“Because I’m a human, my heart has grown… ”Clothes Sleeve’ Junho’s honest acceptance speech, praise poured in.


-Plenty of rave reviews for his honest and straightforward acceptance speech


-Junho Lee, a member of the group 2PM and an actor, received favorable reviews for his sincere feelings about the award.


Junho won the Grand Prize at the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’

Junho Lee won the Best Acting Award in the Miniseries category at the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards‘ held at the MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 30th.

On this day, he went up on stage to share his impressions of winning the award and opened his mouth by saying, “It’s 2PM’s Junho Lee.”

Lee Jun-ho said,

“It’s like a dream to receive the Best Acting Award” and “Actually, I am a human being ahead of the acting awards, so I can’t help but want something because the drama is so good.”

He continued,

“But every time I was alone, I thought, ‘I think I continued to introspect on what kind of award I did.”

He also recalled,

The first time I received an award as an actor was when I received the Excellence Award for the drama ‘Chief Kim’.

He continued,

“I don’t think it’s the award I deserve today, but nevertheless, I’ve worked really hard. It seems like a really happy time when I can improve myself.” “I’m happy just to be named with my seniors. To everyone here Thank you very much,” he said.



Lastly, Junho Lee said, “Our drama is not over yet. It will be broadcast twice in a row at 9:30 pm on January 1st, so please love it until the end.” added.


Netizens who saw the award showed reactions such as “The award reveals the truth”, “Perfect feeling”, “So neat”, “You speak really well”, “It’s so cool. Why are you talking so well”, etc. .


Lee Jun-ho is receiving a lot of love for his passionate performance in the role of Lee San in the MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’, based on a novel of the same name, it tells the record of a royal court romance between the King of Joseon who believes his duty is to his country first above love, and a court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen. Which is currently airing.


Lee Jun-ho as Yi San, later King Jeongjo: plays the role of the arrogant and perfectionist grandson of King Yeongjo. He constantly strives to become a benevolent king, but his father’s death has left an emotional trauma in his heart.

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Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ho, known mononymously as Junho, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, composer and actor. He debuted in 2008 with the kpop group 2PM with their first single “10점 만점에 10점” (“10 Points out of 10 Points”) from their first EP Hottest Time of the Day, but it wasn’t until their second EP 2:00PM Time For Change which skyrocketed their success in the Korean music industry.


In 2013, Junho made his film debut in the action thriller Cold Eyes, where he impressed viewers for his acting. Junho is most known for his roles in Twenty, Good Manager and Rain or Shine.


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