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‘Show Champion’ commemorates the late Moonbin who was “kind and kind”… Nana and Tsuki’s tears in Moon Soo-ah’s absence

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Show Champion

[Newsen Reporter Bae Hyo-joo] “Show Champion” The late Moonbin worked as a former MC, and Moon Soo-ah is currently the MC of ‘Show! The Champions’ side had a time of condolences.

MBC M’show aired on the afternoon of April 26th! In the opening of ‘Champion’, while Billy Moonsua, the late Moonbin’s younger sister and active MC, was absent, MC and Billy Tsuki paid tribute to her deceased.


Show Champion Moonbin


Moo is an idol and ‘Show! Mr. Moonbin, who was active as a former MC of ‘Champion’, has become a star in the sky.” Tsuki mourned, saying, “I will remember all the moments that Mr. Moonbin gave us as a gift.”


Before the program ended, Nana and Tsuki once again said, “Moonbin is a special and precious person, and an artist who did his best every moment.” “He was a kind and kind person.” He said, “As I reflect on senior Moonbin, who became a light for us, I convey my consolation once again to his family and fans.”

Show Champion


The production team of Show Champion expressed their deep condolences for her, reflecting on the time she spent with her deceased through a video of Moon Bin’s past activities.

The late Moonbin will be on ‘Show! He played an active role as the MC of ‘Champion’. Moon Soo-ah took over her role as MC, but she is taking a break from her activities after the sad news.



Meanwhile, the late Moonbin passed away on the 19th at the age of 25.

On the 24th, she visited Hers memorial space in the Hers Fantagio office building, and Moon Soo-ah left a note expressing her feelings for Hers and her brother. Moon Soo-ah said,

My older brother, it’s me, my one and only precious younger sister, Su-ah. I come and go. I’ve cried too much, so I’ll stop crying now. I’ll laugh a lot at my age. I’ll be happy doing what I want to do. I hope you’re comfortable and happy. It’s okay. I’ll work hard even for my brother’s share. Don’t stop me. I’ll come back often to be a kid, so you have to accept it”.

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